In 2021 Georgia Governor Brian Kemp announced that the California based electric car company Rivian would be building a manufacturing facility in the State of Georgia on a 2000 acre piece of land that occupies parts of Jasper, Morgan, Newton and Walton counties. Rivian projected start of production in 2024 with an estimated 15,000+ jobs by 2028. The state of Georgia has committed 1.5 billion in incentives to this project. Since 2021 Rivian has faced an uphill battle with local residents and consequently local Opposition groups. The majority of local and surrounding residents are opposed to the new facility being located in their area. Environmental, traffic, crime, and quality of life degradation are some of the concerns most local residents share. In addition, the site that has been allocated for the facility was a previously undeveloped wildlife haven with several lakes and creeks. Since grading began the project has been plagued with engineering and implementation issues, causing flooding and ecological problems. The video below, courtesy of The Rutledge Eagle shows the previous and current state of the landscape.

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